Essential Steps for Students After Arriving in the UK 🇬🇧

After landing in the UK on a student visa, there are crucial steps you need to follow to settle in smoothly. From planning your journey to registering for health services, this guideline will walk you through every step. Dive in to make your transition to the UK as seamless as possible.

Arfatul Islam

8/19/20231 min read

a sign that says welcome in a building
a sign that says welcome in a building

1️⃣ Plan Your Journey 🛬:

Once you step out of the airport, steer clear of black cabs as they tend to be pricier. If you’re headed to an accommodation close to a train station, consider the train as your best bet. It might be helpful to have someone familiar get you an Oyster Card in advance.

2️⃣ Collect Your BRP Card 🏢:

Your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card is vital. Ensure you collect it from the designated address that's mentioned in the embassy's letter or email.

3️⃣ Purchase a Mobile SIM Card 📱:

Starting fresh means staying connected. Grab a prepaid SIM card. Providers like Lyca, Lebara, and Giffgaff are popular choices.

4️⃣ Set Up Online Mobile Banking 🏦:

Banking on-the-go is a boon. Consider setting up an account with mobile banks like Monzo or Starling.

5️⃣ Apply for an Oyster Card 🚌:

If London is where you are, don’t miss out on the Student Oyster Card. It’s your ticket to discounted travel.

6️⃣ University Enrollment 🎓:

Reach out to your university. Confirm your enrollment and ask for essential letters, such as bank opening and GP registration letters.

7️⃣ Apply for National Insurance Number 📝:

Secure your National Insurance number by applying online at [National Insurance Service](

8️⃣ Apply for a Provisional Driving License 🚗:

Thinking of driving in the future? Start the process by applying for a provisional license.

9️⃣ Open a Bank Account 🏦:

With your university’s opening letter in hand, head to the bank to open your account.

🔟 Register for Health Services 👨‍⚕️:

Your health is paramount. Ensure you register with your local GP for all your medical needs.

Lastly, remember that moving to a new country is not just about ticking off a checklist. Adapt and immerse yourself in your new environment, stay updated with any local police station registrations, and ensure your safety. Take time to engage in local cultural events and activities. It enriches your overseas study experience.

Best of luck on your new journey in the UK! 🌟🇬🇧